Tallahassee Cigars: The Tat Is Back

One of the most sought after cigar lines on the market today are Tatuaje and we have them in our Tallahassee Cigar shop. No other shop in Tallahassee has these highly sought after cigars but we do. If you haven’t heard of Tatuaje Cigars, its not surprising because this brand is very hard to find locally but with tons of highly rated cigars that are regulars on almost every top 25 list Tatuaje has become one of the premiere boutique brands on the market today.

Tallahassee Cigar Shop

After we blew through our initial shipment, we are fortunate enough to have more in stock now. Currently right next to a full humidor of great Tallahassee cigars we have the following Tauaje smokes: the highly sought after Gran Cojonu, the newly released Fausto and La Casita Criolla, the Havana VI, Seleccion De Cazador, Reserva, El Triunfador and the Capa Especial. Don’t believe us? See what others are saying.

A Cigar Smoker’s Journal: Overall (25/25): Simply the best Tatuaje (Gran Cojonu) on the market now.

Cigar Explorer: La Casita Criolla  It’s not the most complex blend you will ever smoke from Tatuaje (remember this year’s La Vérité) but it doesn’t need to be.  It’s very relaxing, easy to smoke and jam packed full of flavor. An absolute winner.

The Gar Shop:  I find that this Sumatra wrapped cigar (Capa Especial) is an excellent product by Pete Johnson and Tatuaje. The burn is perfect and the draw was effortless.

Stogie Review: The Reserva J21 is a spectacular stick. Hands down my favorite Tatuaje, if not my all time favorite cigar. Its a very complex stick with flavors that just make it an absolute joy for me to smoke. It goes great with coffee in the morning, and holds its own after a hearty steak dinner. The ligero wrapper gives it an extra pop that the rest of the reserva lines do not have for me.

Seth’s Humidor:  I am giving this cigar (Reserva) a 93. This is a cigar that smoked wonderfully in terms of construction performed wonderfully, and more importantly produced a great amount of flavors. I think this is one of the best Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers I have had, and even though the thinner ring gauge offers more flavors from the wrapper, Pete Johnson did a great job in the blending to make noting too overpowering. If you are a fan of Connecticut Broadleaf cigars, Tatuaje Cigars, and just great cigars in general then this cigar is definitely for you.

Toasted Foot: As with most Pete Johnson smokes, I took this one (Havana VI) to the nub and if I had time I would have fired another one up immediately. The cigar is not super complex but it really fit the profile I like, which is a good full tobacco flavor with spice and a long finish. This smoke is not as strong as other Johnson smokes, but it is a solid medium.


Tallahassee Cigars: San Lotano Oval Has Landed

As we have done since we opened our premium cigar shop in Tallahassee, we continue to go after and bring in the hottest and most well received brands into our shop. After the Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill was named the cigar of thew year, we got it. We brought the Drew Estate Liga Undercrown in due to high public demand. The list goes on and on from Aging Room to Emilio Cigars to Oliverios. Now we have done it again with the San Lotano line by one of the hottest young blenders in the world A.J. Fernandez. Along with the San Lotano Connecticut, Maduro and Habano we have one of the most sought after cigars in the line the Oval.

San Lotano Oval

The San Lotano Oval first made headlines due to its revolutionary shape. A box pressed circular shape that is best described as an oval. While the shape grabbed the early headlines, it is the quality construction, impeccable wrapper and wonderful flavors that has made the Oval a smash success. You can’t get this gem on-line so if you shop for top quality Tallahassee cigars, you have to stop by and pick up an Oval. Don’t believe us, read what others are saying.

From A Cigar Smoker’s Journal: The regular San Lotano Habano line is good, but the Oval is outstanding. Wonderfully rich and complex the cigar has a profile the pleases from the first light to the last exhale. The Oval instantly proclaims itself as a stick worthy of consideration for cigar of the year. Finding them on-line will be difficult as they are Brick & Mortar only.

Zach the Stogie Man: If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying this cigar yet, please do. It is a highly box-worthy cigar. Yes it has some burn issues, but the flavor will distract you enough that it should worry you too much. I give this cigar a 4.5 out of 5.

Nice Tight Ash: The slightly spicy start that ended up with a chocolatly sweet finish of a medium bodied cigar is a winner in my book. Overall a great smoke, that burns and draws great. With an array of flavors alot of people could enjoy, that each to their own aren’t overpowering. I highly recommend you trying a San Lotano Oval soon!

Stogie Guys: For such a well-composed combination of flavor and balance, I can do nothing but heartily recommend this cigar, which retails for around $10 and is available only in brick and mortar stores. That’s why the San Lotano Oval Pyramid earns four and a half stogies out of five.

Cigarmy: The San Lotano Oval is indeed a big hit for AJ Fernandez, and after smoking this one I can see why.  It was a great cigar all around.  The flavors were bold and pleasurable, and while they varied throughout the smoke, the profile was very consistent and harmonious.  The burn and construction were flawless and provided a worry free smoking experience.


Tallahassee Cigars: Emilio Grimalkin Review

One of the hottest boutique brands on the market right now is from Emilio Cigars. You may not have heard of these amazing cigars yet but you will. The AF1, AF2 and Grimalkin are three of the most highly reviewed cigars on the Internet right now and best of all they are all now in stock at our Tallahassee Cigar shop.

Our Tallahassee Cigar Shop now has the Emilio Cigars Grimalkin in stock.

The reviews for this line have been almost unanimously glowing. Here is what the bloggers are saying:

Cigar Explorer: “ I’m stunned by this cigar and I’m stunned there isn’t more hype about it. For me, this is in the Top 10 if not the Top 5 sticks I’ve smoked this year.”

Cigar In Hand: “The Grimalkin was a pleasant surprise! I have to admit that when I saw the band I thought it was a little big cheesy, but it’s a solid smoke! So far of the cigars I’ve had from Emilio cigars this was my favorite. “

Stogie Guys: “Grimalkin is, without a doubt, a most welcome addition to the premium cigar marketplace. Woe is the cigar enthusiast who passes up trying this blend because the name is a little funny or because the band is a little nontraditional or because Emilio Cigars are little hard to find. I think $8.30 is a very fair price for the Toro, a tasty treat that’s definitely worthy of four and a half stogies out of five.”

G.C. Puffs: “The Emilio Grimalkin is a tasty cigar that should be given a try and I again repeat that Emilio Cigars are some of the coolest smoking cigars I have encountered. I have no idea how they accomplish this but that combined with such a nice tasting blend is a great combination.”

Cigar Coop: “Putting the Grimalkin into a retailer’s humidor shelf side by side with the Emilio AF1 creates an outstanding 1-2 punch.   The Grimalkin was definitely one of the best cigars I had for 2011.   The amazing thing was a lot of the twists and turns that this cigar took.   While it unraveled the mystery somewhat, it creates more intrigue for going back to smoke another one.   This is a terrific cigar for both novice and experienced cigar enthusiasts.  This is most worthy of a box purchase for my humidor.”

Today we are reviewing the Grimalkin for ourselves since we are all about the Tallahassee Cigars we have in our humidor. As mentioned above, this cigar has a bit of an odd band and name but don’t let that put you off. Grimalkin is a unique blend, produced in Esteli, Nicaragua from carefully selected tobaccos.  This cigar will be limited in quantity based on harvest conditions.  A true masterpiece in the finest tradition.  Grimalkin cigars are medium bodied and complex, Grimalkin is designed for the refined palate with an appreciation of subtle nuance in texture and flavor of the smoke.

We smoked this cigar as our first of the day after a good breakfast. Strength is good but not an issue if you aren’t looking for something extremely full bodied. This cigar doesn’t take long to suck you in with a delicious flavor profile. From the first puff there is no questioning that this cigar delivers on the hype. There is a great sweet, nutty flavor that develops during the smoking experience. You will get some spice at times as well but it is well-balanced with the natural sweetness. There is no harshness and the flavors never get boring all the way to the last draw.

Tallahassee Cigars: Liga Privada Undercrown Review

Drew Estate cigars run the gamut from the very popular Acid line, which we carry in our Tallahassee Cigar store, to the high end and excellently reviewed Liga Privadas. The Acid line is described as a mild cigar with aromatic blending and many consider these the most popular “flavored cigars” on the market today. Considering that Drew Estate also produces the very high end Liga Privada No. 9 and T52, the company has lived up to its moniker of “The Rebirth of Cigars”.

Drew Estate’s newest venture into the premium cigar market is the Undercrown and it was debuted in July at the IPCPR Tradeshow. The cigar comes in five sizes and we currently have two in stock at our Tallahassee cigar shop.  There was some question as to whether or not the Undercrown was a member of the Liga Privada family. According to Drew Estate’s own blog it is the newest member of the wildly successful line:

“In early 2009 we asked our torcedores to smoke less Liga Privada cigars because they were leaving too few to be exported. This request was met with the disappointment you would expect, but rather than being disgruntled they responded by blending their own signature liga.”

Our Tallahassee cigar shop now proudly carries exquisite Liga Privada Undercrown in our humidor.

The Undercrown features a unique Mexican Otapan Negro Último Corte wrapper and the harvest is delayed by over 4 weeks, resulting in a higher natural sugar content and a richer, creamier flavor. Add the Brazilian Mata Fina and Nicaraguan longfillers, T52 Connecticut stalk cut & cured Habano binder and you have a very uniquely blended gem.

Most Liga Privada aficionados first viewed the Undercrown as a hybrid of the spicier No. 9 and creamier T52. According to Drew Estate’s spec sheet for the cigar, the company describes the taste as earthy, creamy, spicy with a delicious black tobacco sweet finish.

However the flavors are described, there is one thing that is certain. The Undercrown is another perfectly made, beautiful looking and delicious Drew Estate smoke. If you haven’t had the privilege of trying a T52 or No. 9 or if you have enjoyed other Liga Privadas, you will find the Undercrown taking its rightful place among those cigars. It is a delicious cigar from start to finish that will provide novice and experienced smokers with a perfect balance of delicious flavors and medium body. It is a MUST try fpor anyone who loves high-end, premium cigars.

Tallahassee Cigars: Cigar Aficionado No. 1 Cigar Of 2011

Our Tallahassee Cigar shop has Cigar Aficionados No. 1 Cigar of the Year in stock.

There was a lot of talk last week about the Cigar Aficionado No. 1 cigar of the year. The famous cigar magazine named the Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill the world’s best cigar for 2011.  As soon as the choice hit the Twitter and message board universe there was a lot of discussion about the merits of this cigar. Our Tallahassee Cigar shop recently got the Prensado Churchill in the humidor. Here are some of the reviews of the 96-rated cigar to give you an idea of what the experts think. Visit all these excellent blogger websites for excellent reviews of a whole world of cigars.

From Cigar Inspector: “My overall opinion is that the Alec Bradley – Prensado is a well made, quality cigar. I enjoyed every minute of it and found it to be a good choice for relaxing alone or with friends. The bi-phasic characteristics of a premium cigar were definitely present in this one and in good proportions to each other.”

From Stogie Guys: “I enjoy this blend, but it leaves me underwhelmed in terms of complexity. Sure, while the interplay between bold peppery notes and creamy sweetness is interesting, I’m looking for more intricacy from a cigar that retails for just under $10 apiece.”

From A Cigar Smoker: “ I’ve now smoked 3 of these sticks and to be honest the first one I smoked I disliked a lot. I personally thought the run of great Alec Bradley cigars came to an end. I decided to pick one up again at Holts and I liked it better then my first so when I was gifted this cigar I decided to review it. The saying the 3rd time’s a charm rings true with this cigar as I definitely enjoyed it where I plan to pick up some more in the near future.”

From Cigar Chronicles: “Do I agree that this is 2011′s Cigar of the Year? At certain times, depending upon my mood, it would rank right up there, but at other times there are options I would choose over it. That’s the main reason I chafe at these annual “beauty pageants.” Still, by any measure, the Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill is a terrific cigar. Rather than give it a title, I’d rather just smoke another one, thank you.”

If you want to form your own opinion, stop by our Tallahassee cigar shop and decide for yourself.

Tallahassee Cigars: Cigar Aficionado Top 25 In Store

We have seven of this year's Cigar Aficionado Top 25 Cigars in stock at our Tallahassee Cigar shop.

There is always a lot of discussion in January once famed magazine Cigar Aficionado release its top 25 cigars of the year. Locating these cigars at a Tallahassee cigar shop isn’t so easy but at Cigars of Tally we proudly have seven of the magazines best cigars in the world in stock.

Of the 25 cigars that made the list, four are from Cuba so of the remaining 21, there are a third of the list sitting in our humidor. Included in that group are three of the top five and four of the top 10. Come in to Cigars of Tally and sample from the list below and decide where these cigars stack up with your personal favorites from 2011. There will be plenty of Tallahassee cigar aficionados in the shop to debate the merits of the list with you.

Cigar Aficionado Top 25 Cigars In Stock at Cigars of Tally

No. 1 Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill

No. 2 La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Belicoso

No. 5 Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Exclusivo Maduro

No. 9 Warlock

No. 16 Aging Room Small Batch M356

No. 20 La Reloba Seleccion Sumatra Torpedo

No. 22 Oliva Serie V Especial Double Robusto

Crosby’s Cigar Corner: What’s In A Name?

Cigar aficionado’s across the globe take pride in their knowledge of cigars.  We love to espouse our opinions on everything, and believe me nothing is not off limits in the cigar shop.  The traditional shop will have always have a few characters who will be glad to educate you in world issues, politics, sports, and spirits, and I still believe that anything can be solved over a well aged scotch and any cigar.  But what do we really know about cigar’s and their names. They can be hard to pronounce much less understood, and even the most seasoned cigar smokers don’t understand all of the basics.  So I’ll try and start with some basics to get you started on the path to becoming an aficionado and if you stop in our Tallahassee Cigar Shop I will be happy to go into further detail.


The wrapper is the outer covering of the cigar.  It accounts for 60% to 80% of the cigar’s flavor. Wrappers usually are grown in either the shade or sun.  Wrappers grown in the shade will be smoother and have smaller veins and be slightly oily.  Sun grown wrappers will have larger veins  and will be velvety to the touch. Sun grown will also be a little sweeter as the sun exposure will increase the sugars on the leaf.  Maduro, Natural,  Cameroon, Connecticut, and Criollo are most common wrappers.


Is the strong tobacco that holds the cigar together, found between the wrapper and the filler.  Binder is the thicker tops of the tobacco plant.


This is the center of the cigar and is the majority of the cigar.  These leaves come from many different fields, regions, and countries, usually in Central and South America, and the Caribbean.   Filler tobacco paired with the wrapper, is what makes up the complexity of most cigars.  The art of this trade takes years of experience to master and only a few have.

Now that the basics of cigar construction has been covered.  (I use basics loosely because there is  much more to cigars than this article can cover) I will suggest going to your local tobacconist and ask questions, smoke cigars, and take in the ambiance of cigar smoking with the locals.  You may just get more education than just cigars.


One of Crosby's favorite cigar is the Oliva Serie V.

My favorite cigars (many in stock at our Tallahassee cigar shop):

$11.00 to $ 21.00 : Padron 1926 or 1964, Padilla Studio Tobac, Jamie Garcia My Father

$6.00 to $10.00: Avo Heritage  Short Robusto, Oliva Series V, La Roma de Cuba Mi Amor

$4.00 to $6.00: Oliva Connecticut Robusto, Padilla La Terraza, Ortez y Turrent Dos Familias


Crosby is one of our resident cigar experts at Cigars Of Tally. He is an excellent source of advice and guidance for our customers. He loves talking cigars and never makes a novice customer feel out of place or intimidated to ask any question about our products. When you stop in seek out his advice on cigars,  tobacco, football or any other topic that comes to mind. He will be offering his special insight into cigars on our official blog on a regular basis. 

Tallahassee Cigars: Alec Bradley Black Market

One of the lines we are thrilled to carry in our Tallahassee cigar shop is the Alec Bradley line. Alec Bradley’s cigars have received considerable attention as of late due to the fact the company’s Prensado Churchill was just named the 2011 Cigar of the Year by Cigar Aficionado magazine. Many cigar smokers were fairly stunned it took home the top spot in the world for 2011 especially since the cigar that has been generating the most on-line buzz from creator Alan Rubin is the newly introduced Black Market.

Cigars of Tally carries the wonderful Black Market by Alec Bradley.

The Black Market is easily one of the most flavorful cigars in the Alec Bradley line and is already being considered by many cigar smokers as the top cigar produced to date by Rubin and company. The Black Market is a full flavored cigar but not too full bodied. This would be considered more of a medium to full for most seasoned cigar smokers.

Our Tallahassee cigar shop carries this excellent smoke in two sizes and the one we tried for this review was the Toro measuring 6×50. The cigar is made with a wrapper from Nicaragua, a Sumatran  binder and filler from Panama and Honduras.

The cigar burnt perfectly from start to finish, which is a sign of flawless construction. There were plenty of flavors going on the entire way. If you are a fan of both spicy and sweet cigars this is a  perfect blend for you. There are plenty of notes of fruit, chocolate, spice and espresso to satisfy any type of smoker. This is a cigar that packs a punch when it comes to wonderful flavors.

Best of all, it was only $7.40. A great price for such a high quality, flavorful cigar.