Crosby’s Cigar Corner: What’s In A Name?

Cigar aficionado’s across the globe take pride in their knowledge of cigars.  We love to espouse our opinions on everything, and believe me nothing is not off limits in the cigar shop.  The traditional shop will have always have a few characters who will be glad to educate you in world issues, politics, sports, and spirits, and I still believe that anything can be solved over a well aged scotch and any cigar.  But what do we really know about cigar’s and their names. They can be hard to pronounce much less understood, and even the most seasoned cigar smokers don’t understand all of the basics.  So I’ll try and start with some basics to get you started on the path to becoming an aficionado and if you stop in our Tallahassee Cigar Shop I will be happy to go into further detail.


The wrapper is the outer covering of the cigar.  It accounts for 60% to 80% of the cigar’s flavor. Wrappers usually are grown in either the shade or sun.  Wrappers grown in the shade will be smoother and have smaller veins and be slightly oily.  Sun grown wrappers will have larger veins  and will be velvety to the touch. Sun grown will also be a little sweeter as the sun exposure will increase the sugars on the leaf.  Maduro, Natural,  Cameroon, Connecticut, and Criollo are most common wrappers.


Is the strong tobacco that holds the cigar together, found between the wrapper and the filler.  Binder is the thicker tops of the tobacco plant.


This is the center of the cigar and is the majority of the cigar.  These leaves come from many different fields, regions, and countries, usually in Central and South America, and the Caribbean.   Filler tobacco paired with the wrapper, is what makes up the complexity of most cigars.  The art of this trade takes years of experience to master and only a few have.

Now that the basics of cigar construction has been covered.  (I use basics loosely because there is  much more to cigars than this article can cover) I will suggest going to your local tobacconist and ask questions, smoke cigars, and take in the ambiance of cigar smoking with the locals.  You may just get more education than just cigars.


One of Crosby's favorite cigar is the Oliva Serie V.

My favorite cigars (many in stock at our Tallahassee cigar shop):

$11.00 to $ 21.00 : Padron 1926 or 1964, Padilla Studio Tobac, Jamie Garcia My Father

$6.00 to $10.00: Avo Heritage  Short Robusto, Oliva Series V, La Roma de Cuba Mi Amor

$4.00 to $6.00: Oliva Connecticut Robusto, Padilla La Terraza, Ortez y Turrent Dos Familias


Crosby is one of our resident cigar experts at Cigars Of Tally. He is an excellent source of advice and guidance for our customers. He loves talking cigars and never makes a novice customer feel out of place or intimidated to ask any question about our products. When you stop in seek out his advice on cigars,  tobacco, football or any other topic that comes to mind. He will be offering his special insight into cigars on our official blog on a regular basis. 


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