Tallahassee Cigars: Cigar Aficionado No. 1 Cigar Of 2011

Our Tallahassee Cigar shop has Cigar Aficionados No. 1 Cigar of the Year in stock.

There was a lot of talk last week about the Cigar Aficionado No. 1 cigar of the year. The famous cigar magazine named the Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill the world’s best cigar for 2011.  As soon as the choice hit the Twitter and message board universe there was a lot of discussion about the merits of this cigar. Our Tallahassee Cigar shop recently got the Prensado Churchill in the humidor. Here are some of the reviews of the 96-rated cigar to give you an idea of what the experts think. Visit all these excellent blogger websites for excellent reviews of a whole world of cigars.

From Cigar Inspector: “My overall opinion is that the Alec Bradley – Prensado is a well made, quality cigar. I enjoyed every minute of it and found it to be a good choice for relaxing alone or with friends. The bi-phasic characteristics of a premium cigar were definitely present in this one and in good proportions to each other.”

From Stogie Guys: “I enjoy this blend, but it leaves me underwhelmed in terms of complexity. Sure, while the interplay between bold peppery notes and creamy sweetness is interesting, I’m looking for more intricacy from a cigar that retails for just under $10 apiece.”

From A Cigar Smoker: “ I’ve now smoked 3 of these sticks and to be honest the first one I smoked I disliked a lot. I personally thought the run of great Alec Bradley cigars came to an end. I decided to pick one up again at Holts and I liked it better then my first so when I was gifted this cigar I decided to review it. The saying the 3rd time’s a charm rings true with this cigar as I definitely enjoyed it where I plan to pick up some more in the near future.”

From Cigar Chronicles: “Do I agree that this is 2011′s Cigar of the Year? At certain times, depending upon my mood, it would rank right up there, but at other times there are options I would choose over it. That’s the main reason I chafe at these annual “beauty pageants.” Still, by any measure, the Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill is a terrific cigar. Rather than give it a title, I’d rather just smoke another one, thank you.”

If you want to form your own opinion, stop by our Tallahassee cigar shop and decide for yourself.


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