Tallahassee Cigars: Liga Privada Undercrown Review

Drew Estate cigars run the gamut from the very popular Acid line, which we carry in our Tallahassee Cigar store, to the high end and excellently reviewed Liga Privadas. The Acid line is described as a mild cigar with aromatic blending and many consider these the most popular “flavored cigars” on the market today. Considering that Drew Estate also produces the very high end Liga Privada No. 9 and T52, the company has lived up to its moniker of “The Rebirth of Cigars”.

Drew Estate’s newest venture into the premium cigar market is the Undercrown and it was debuted in July at the IPCPR Tradeshow. The cigar comes in five sizes and we currently have two in stock at our Tallahassee cigar shop.  There was some question as to whether or not the Undercrown was a member of the Liga Privada family. According to Drew Estate’s own blog it is the newest member of the wildly successful line:

“In early 2009 we asked our torcedores to smoke less Liga Privada cigars because they were leaving too few to be exported. This request was met with the disappointment you would expect, but rather than being disgruntled they responded by blending their own signature liga.”

Our Tallahassee cigar shop now proudly carries exquisite Liga Privada Undercrown in our humidor.

The Undercrown features a unique Mexican Otapan Negro Último Corte wrapper and the harvest is delayed by over 4 weeks, resulting in a higher natural sugar content and a richer, creamier flavor. Add the Brazilian Mata Fina and Nicaraguan longfillers, T52 Connecticut stalk cut & cured Habano binder and you have a very uniquely blended gem.

Most Liga Privada aficionados first viewed the Undercrown as a hybrid of the spicier No. 9 and creamier T52. According to Drew Estate’s spec sheet for the cigar, the company describes the taste as earthy, creamy, spicy with a delicious black tobacco sweet finish.

However the flavors are described, there is one thing that is certain. The Undercrown is another perfectly made, beautiful looking and delicious Drew Estate smoke. If you haven’t had the privilege of trying a T52 or No. 9 or if you have enjoyed other Liga Privadas, you will find the Undercrown taking its rightful place among those cigars. It is a delicious cigar from start to finish that will provide novice and experienced smokers with a perfect balance of delicious flavors and medium body. It is a MUST try fpor anyone who loves high-end, premium cigars.


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