Tallahassee Cigars: Emilio Grimalkin Review

One of the hottest boutique brands on the market right now is from Emilio Cigars. You may not have heard of these amazing cigars yet but you will. The AF1, AF2 and Grimalkin are three of the most highly reviewed cigars on the Internet right now and best of all they are all now in stock at our Tallahassee Cigar shop.

Our Tallahassee Cigar Shop now has the Emilio Cigars Grimalkin in stock.

The reviews for this line have been almost unanimously glowing. Here is what the bloggers are saying:

Cigar Explorer: “ I’m stunned by this cigar and I’m stunned there isn’t more hype about it. For me, this is in the Top 10 if not the Top 5 sticks I’ve smoked this year.”

Cigar In Hand: “The Grimalkin was a pleasant surprise! I have to admit that when I saw the band I thought it was a little big cheesy, but it’s a solid smoke! So far of the cigars I’ve had from Emilio cigars this was my favorite. “

Stogie Guys: “Grimalkin is, without a doubt, a most welcome addition to the premium cigar marketplace. Woe is the cigar enthusiast who passes up trying this blend because the name is a little funny or because the band is a little nontraditional or because Emilio Cigars are little hard to find. I think $8.30 is a very fair price for the Toro, a tasty treat that’s definitely worthy of four and a half stogies out of five.”

G.C. Puffs: “The Emilio Grimalkin is a tasty cigar that should be given a try and I again repeat that Emilio Cigars are some of the coolest smoking cigars I have encountered. I have no idea how they accomplish this but that combined with such a nice tasting blend is a great combination.”

Cigar Coop: “Putting the Grimalkin into a retailer’s humidor shelf side by side with the Emilio AF1 creates an outstanding 1-2 punch.   The Grimalkin was definitely one of the best cigars I had for 2011.   The amazing thing was a lot of the twists and turns that this cigar took.   While it unraveled the mystery somewhat, it creates more intrigue for going back to smoke another one.   This is a terrific cigar for both novice and experienced cigar enthusiasts.  This is most worthy of a box purchase for my humidor.”

Today we are reviewing the Grimalkin for ourselves since we are all about the Tallahassee Cigars we have in our humidor. As mentioned above, this cigar has a bit of an odd band and name but don’t let that put you off. Grimalkin is a unique blend, produced in Esteli, Nicaragua from carefully selected tobaccos.  This cigar will be limited in quantity based on harvest conditions.  A true masterpiece in the finest tradition.  Grimalkin cigars are medium bodied and complex, Grimalkin is designed for the refined palate with an appreciation of subtle nuance in texture and flavor of the smoke.

We smoked this cigar as our first of the day after a good breakfast. Strength is good but not an issue if you aren’t looking for something extremely full bodied. This cigar doesn’t take long to suck you in with a delicious flavor profile. From the first puff there is no questioning that this cigar delivers on the hype. There is a great sweet, nutty flavor that develops during the smoking experience. You will get some spice at times as well but it is well-balanced with the natural sweetness. There is no harshness and the flavors never get boring all the way to the last draw.


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