Tallahassee Cigars: The Tat Is Back

One of the most sought after cigar lines on the market today are Tatuaje and we have them in our Tallahassee Cigar shop. No other shop in Tallahassee has these highly sought after cigars but we do. If you haven’t heard of Tatuaje Cigars, its not surprising because this brand is very hard to find locally but with tons of highly rated cigars that are regulars on almost every top 25 list Tatuaje has become one of the premiere boutique brands on the market today.

Tallahassee Cigar Shop

After we blew through our initial shipment, we are fortunate enough to have more in stock now. Currently right next to a full humidor of great Tallahassee cigars we have the following Tauaje smokes: the highly sought after Gran Cojonu, the newly released Fausto and La Casita Criolla, the Havana VI, Seleccion De Cazador, Reserva, El Triunfador and the Capa Especial. Don’t believe us? See what others are saying.

A Cigar Smoker’s Journal: Overall (25/25): Simply the best Tatuaje (Gran Cojonu) on the market now.

Cigar Explorer: La Casita Criolla  It’s not the most complex blend you will ever smoke from Tatuaje (remember this year’s La Vérité) but it doesn’t need to be.  It’s very relaxing, easy to smoke and jam packed full of flavor. An absolute winner.

The Gar Shop:  I find that this Sumatra wrapped cigar (Capa Especial) is an excellent product by Pete Johnson and Tatuaje. The burn is perfect and the draw was effortless.

Stogie Review: The Reserva J21 is a spectacular stick. Hands down my favorite Tatuaje, if not my all time favorite cigar. Its a very complex stick with flavors that just make it an absolute joy for me to smoke. It goes great with coffee in the morning, and holds its own after a hearty steak dinner. The ligero wrapper gives it an extra pop that the rest of the reserva lines do not have for me.

Seth’s Humidor:  I am giving this cigar (Reserva) a 93. This is a cigar that smoked wonderfully in terms of construction performed wonderfully, and more importantly produced a great amount of flavors. I think this is one of the best Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers I have had, and even though the thinner ring gauge offers more flavors from the wrapper, Pete Johnson did a great job in the blending to make noting too overpowering. If you are a fan of Connecticut Broadleaf cigars, Tatuaje Cigars, and just great cigars in general then this cigar is definitely for you.

Toasted Foot: As with most Pete Johnson smokes, I took this one (Havana VI) to the nub and if I had time I would have fired another one up immediately. The cigar is not super complex but it really fit the profile I like, which is a good full tobacco flavor with spice and a long finish. This smoke is not as strong as other Johnson smokes, but it is a solid medium.


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